Black people are substantially more likely to die in traffic accidents than white men or women according to a recent announcement from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Black deaths significantly increased, even during the peak of the quarantine, when people were driving less. Char Adams of NBC News reported “Even in the … Read More

7 Natural Pantry Solutions That Can Keep You Smiling When we’re feeling in need of a boost, we’ve been taught to turn to coffee or head for the medicine cabinet. However, did you know that you could go to your pantry instead? Whether you’re feeling sluggish, stressed, tired or nauseous, we have some options you … Read More

Not enough African Americans are getting the COVID-19 vaccine, health experts said. While 38% of Ohioans have started the vaccination process, just 22% have started it in the Black community, according to the Ohio Department of Health. But health experts in Cincinnati are trying to improve those numbers. The Center for Closing the Health Gap … Read More