You can use American Community Survey (ACS) data in different ways and for different reasons. Each one of our downloadable PDF handbooks helps a particular group with specific how-to instructions and/or case studies.   For an introduction to ACS data, we recommend the handbook Understanding and Using American … Read More

Description The Business Formation Statistics (BFS) are an experimental data product that provides timely and high frequency information on new business applications and formations in the United States. The BFS measure business initiation activity and the cycle from initiation to realized business formation. The BFS gives an early … Read More

Description This Summit on “Data for Emergency Management” is a FREE Virtual Webinar which will teach users how to navigate the enterprise data-access tool and other resources on to assist with planning, response and recovery for natural disasters and other emergencies.

Description Exploring Census Data webinar series on How Americans Spend Leisure Time. Census Bureau’s subject matter experts will dive into business data relatable to everyday life. You will learn how to access these valuable resources through real world case studies and examples. The webinar includes a live demonstration … Read More