Collaboration is key to eliminating health disparities | | April 17, 2020

“The alarming statistics from New York, Milwaukee, Chicago, Louisiana, and Michigan are shedding the light on health disparities that have persisted in the United States since it was first identified by the Health & Human Services Secretary in 1985. The result of that 18-month research study confirmed that incidence and mortality rates of diseases among black people were greater than whites in this nation due to and across socioeconomic factors. In 2016, the federal government’s Health Quality Study confirmed that the needle on health disparities had not moved in over 35 years….”

Health Gap launches Black Women’s Health Movement | The Cincinnati Herald

“Renee Mahaffey Harris, president and CEO, Center for Closing the Health Gap, launched the Black Women’s Health Movement (BWHM) on Thursday, December 5. BWHM is designed to engage and empower African American women across the socioeconomic spectrum of our community to live healthier lives — body and mind. The launch was at Blush, the Event Loft, 345 W. Fourth Street, Cincinnati…”

Cincinnati Issues | WSTR | January 5, 2020 (video)

New Network Of Resources Aims To Improve Black Women’s Health | Cincinnati Public Radio | December 4, 2019

“Black women have the highest mortality rates when it comes to a lot of diseases despite in some cases being less likely to have those diseases in the first place. Research shows stress and race play a key role in affecting outcomes. The Center for Closing the Health Gap is starting a movement to reduce those numbers…”