In late 2018, The Health Gap President & CEO Renee Mahaffey Harris compiled a dedicated team to conduct primary qualitative and quantitative research among 114 Black Women in Greater Cincinnati, and a national literature review examining health issues/initiatives, prevalent health diseases, socioeconomic impacts on health, and habits and practices relating to body and mind health.

The result was a comprehensive understanding of Black Women’s views and needs to live healthier lives — body and mind.  Our learning highlighted that focusing on Black Women is focusing on African American families. In both single and two-parent families, healthcare, home care, food shopping/preparation, and childcare are typically the responsibility of the woman of the house.

Based on that and for many other reasons, we know women face a multitude of obstacles and life stressors that affect their health. BWHM committed to help engage, empower and advocate for women to make meaningful change. Together.

There is more to do. We need your help to make meaningful change.

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Our work continues by getting more women, organizations and businesses to join and invest in this important movement. You can find out more about what we’ve done so far in our overview and research results PDFs. Just click the buttons below to download them.