“This event was very informative and very special to me. I’m ecstatic about the information I learned, and I will be back again!” For Black Women, it is critical that we have space Just For Us. The Black Women’s Health Movement brings us together to learn ways to take care of our mental and physical … Read More

On this first day of Black History Month, we kick off this annual celebration to recognize the often-neglected achievements of Black Americans and the significant role we play in building America. While our achievements cannot be fully appreciated in a singular month, we acknowledge and celebrate the achievement of Black Women. Together, we are improving our mental, physical, … Read More

Objectives Increase the awareness, build knowledge, and expand capacity to mitigate the impact of COVID- 19 on vulnerable Black and Brown populations in Hamilton County. Understand the evolving attitudes, perceptions and barriers regarding the COVID-19 vaccines. Update campaign collateral to reflect evolving attitudes about COVID-19 and the vaccine. Click to View the Full Report (PDF)

Equitable and sustainable housing opportunities, economic security, good physical and environmental health, peace and safety are some of the challenging conditions many face while living in African-American communities. Often, those communities are overflowing with dilapidated and condemned buildings and homes that lack greenery. The neighborhoods are filled with crime and pollution, and they’re surrounded by … Read More