The Power of Sisterhood at Our “Making Health a Priority” Event

“Who better to live healthy, wealthy lives than the queens of this world?”

There is nothing like bringing sisterhood together with an event for us, by us, and our BWHM members proved that at May’s “Making My Health a Priority — Body & Mind” event at Nostalgia Wine & Jazz Lounge. We celebrated the day with hosts, Urban One Ohio’s Tropikana and Dr. Calisha Brooks.

The gathering was filled with immersion in a community where we could speak freely about our whole-body health.

“I have been looking for this level of sisterhood. This level of purpose.”

— Tropikana

We focused on taking care of ourselves to address issues that can affect long-term wellness and prevent us from leading a full life, including mental, financial and community health.

“What I love about the Black Women’s Health Movement is that it keeps me in check to take accountability for my mental health, spiritual health, financial health, and physical health,” said attendee and entrepreneur, Morgan A. Owens.

We all enjoyed great entertainment, discussion, and food. Above all, though, and Dr. Brooks summarized it best, “This is such an expression of sisterhood, of community, of health, of wellness, of well-being — collectively. I love when we can collectively get together and be powerful.”