Much has gone unspoken so often, because Black women have been taught not to share their stories and accomplishments. This month we celebrate the history of phenomenal Black Women and their impact on American growth and culture and the world. Let’s praise the splendor, innovation, intelligence, tenacity, and absolute magic and mystique that Black women … Read More

By Morgan Angelique Owens, Chief Creative Beauty Consultant Curvy Cardio premiered in 2014 as a tool to aid women within the inner-city community with facing the challenges of a healthier lifestyle. Participants are given access to an online portal that features meal preparation and healthy tips, at home workouts, and resources to achieve their wellness … Read More

We honor, the many Black women who serve or have served in the United States Military. Their ability to serve historically has been a difficult journey. Black women had to demand the right to serve as a military person because of her gender and race even while protecting the freedom and safety of others. Today, … Read More

Today, we recognize the importance of “Eliminating Racial Discrimination.”  Eliminating racism has been an ongoing conversation throughout American history that cannot take place without equity in our laws and communities. The discriminative –social, economic and legal practices in America are rooted in ideological, institutional, interpersonal, and internalized practices. Consequently, when we as African Americans are … Read More

Glaucoma Affects African Americans Differently There have been several studies focusing on ways Glaucoma affects different ethnic groups compared to African Americans. The findings were consistent: Glaucoma occurs approximately five times more often in African Americans than other ethnic groups, and blindness is nearly six times more common and occurs on average, about ten years … Read More