Along with our partners, the Christ Hospital and the American Heart Association, we shared valuable information on women’s health topics including ways to stay healthy, how to handle stress and overall heart health.

Are you ready to meet your goals and fulfill your dreams? Do you want to improve your confidence or advance your credibility as a professional or community leader? Do you like standing out in a crowd of your peers? If you answered yes to any of these questions – then this is the article for you. Mind shifting — The act of altering your feelings, beliefs, ideas and abilities to influence your thoughts and actions. The mind … Read More

Today, we talk about Bonus Motherhood.  All mothers need community and support but the needs for bonus mothers might look and feel a bit different.  We all need to learn how to better support our fellow bonus mamas as they navigate their motherhood journeys. In this episode, you’ll learn: -Unique factors that impact Bonus Mothers. … Read More