It’s Time for a Mind Shift

Are you ready to meet your goals and fulfill your dreams? Do you want to improve your confidence or advance your credibility as a professional or community leader? Do you like standing out in a crowd of your peers? If you answered yes to any of these questions – then this is the article for you.

Mind shifting — The act of altering your feelings, beliefs, ideas and abilities to influence your thoughts and actions.

The mind is the greatest of all tools and most of us do not use one-fourth of our brain capacity. Whatever you’re currently doing or the present beliefs you have in your potential, you can do and be so much more by changing your focus and perception.

Mind-shifting principles improve your personal and professional growth and success. But this is about more than mental shifts; it is about lifestyle shifts to improve your emotional health, productivity and creativity.

To successfully change the way you think, begins with accepting a fact, YOU embody a unique, rich and complex gift, your brain. And even if you are a positive progressive or a stagnate procrastinator, you can improve your focus and increase your happiness and success. Even an educated dreamer or a paralyzed perfectionist who lacks strategy — can expand their thoughts into action. An immobilized mogul like myself, who has spent far too long normalizing self-doubt and uncertainty by accepting the feelings and beliefs imposed by others, can find new ways to think and act.

Begin With Self-Reflection

Through self-reflection, you’ll realize you have multiple mindsets. You can be a positive progressive or a stagnate procrastinator simultaneously. Remember you are a complex being. However, the mindset you choose to give the most power will determine whether you are going to be good, great or unstoppable

Take a moment to picture and name some avatars that describe each of your emotions, actions and behaviors. Each avatar represents a mindset. Think about your dreams, hopes, and life goals, and visualize your journey to success. Which avatars allow you to accomplish your dreams and which avatars keep you from fulfilling your dreams. Decide which avatars will you empower and nurture, and which avatars are you going to defuse or squash and minimize or ignore to become your greatest self.


Think about the necessary steps you must take to become the new you. If Avatar A is empowered by rejection, disappointment, is afraid to take risks, and overcome resistance then give Avatar B more focus. The successful Avatar B is responsible for thinking, learning, planning, and focusing on you as a compassionate leader and winner.

Acknowledge and manage your fears and emotions to:

  1. Work smarter, not harder
  2. Find solutions, not excuses
  3. Tap into your creativity and productivity

Shift your energy to embrace Avatar B. Prepare to give it the greatest power in your mind. Use regular affirmations to set and reinforce your intentions all while focusing on managing the power you have. Create space to claim your dreams by minimizing the power of self-doubt and fear that Avatar A embodies. Repeat as needed, visualize your dreams and give thanks as you accept your growth and success.

Apply Self-elevation to Shift Focus

  • Recognize fear is an instinct, doubt is created
  • If you make a mistake, immediately follow-up with propelling actions
  • Asking for help is not a weakness, not asking for help is the weakness
  • Ask for help from allies who will tell you what you need, not what you want to hear
  • Focus on the now — the past should only be used to understand how your thoughts and actions affect you today
  • Understand your success is based on the work you do to elevate your life story

Practices to Allow Avatar B to Thrive

  • Maintain healthy relationships
  • Follow proper diet and sleep regimens
  • Know who you are and who you want to become
  • Become in-tune with your fears and minimize self-doubt
  • Crave winning results
  • Believe in yourself
  • Don’t accept defeat choose to continue revising and readjusting
  • Refuse to be intimidated by challenges — accept them to thrive
  • Use affirmations, journaling, prayer and faith, meditation and mindfulness to keep Avatar B as the Manager of your life, not the Assistant Manager.

Remember before you begin to develop your plans, implement your ideas or execute your strategy, adjusting your mindset is a must. The work of mind shifting is more than a mental shift; it is a lifestyle shift, filled with a lot of sprints within a marathon.