Entrepreneurship + Motherhood, ft. Alece Coleman, Founder of SpiRITUAL LLC, Balanced Working Mama Podcast

Today, we talk about Entrepreneurship + Motherhood.  Becoming mothers doesn’t mean our dreams or ambitious have to be on hold.  My hope is that more mothers seek entrepreneurship and that this episode can be a resource to get started.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

-Unique factors that impact working mothers who are entrepreneurs.

-Lessons that both Alece and Dr. Amber have learned as they navigate new entrepreneurship.

-Tips and strategies for how to be successful as a working mother + entrepreneur.

This episode features Alece Coleman,  a hard-working mama of 3 and Founder of SpiRITUAL LLC.  Alece is open and candid about barriers that tend to hinder working mothers in choosing entrepreneurship and how she is working to beat the odds and continue to be successful as Founder and CEO of SpiRITUAL LLC.

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Hosted by Dr. Amber Thornton, Clinical Psychologist and Mama Wellness Consultant.

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