Investing in Yourself + Motherhood, ft. Sheina Sanchez, Balanced Working Mama Podcast

How many times have you put off doing something for yourself because you didn’t think you REALLY needed it, or because you wanted to do for your kids or family first?  What are all the things you’ve been needing to do for yourself that are still on your To-Do list?

Today, we talk about Investing In Yourself + Motherhood and why it feels like such a challenge for women and working mamas.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

-What it means to INVEST in yourself as a working mother.

-Why it feels so challenging for working mothers to invest time, money, resources, or energy into themselves first.

-Tips and strategies to begin to invest in yourself more throughout your motherhood journey.

This episode features Sheina Sanchez, a New York working mama of 3!  Sheina participated in the first cycle of the Empower Wellness Program and has learned so much about how to invest and pour back into herself consistently and with confidence.

Connect with Sheina on Instagram at @_shay_l33

Hosted by Dr. Amber Thornton, Clinical Psychologist and Mama Wellness Consultant.

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