Pregnancy Loss & Trying to Conceive + Motherhood, ft. Shamika G., Balanced Working Mama Podcast

While pregnancy and infancy loss are more common than we realize, its often a topic that goes undiscussed.  Not talking about loss and challenges we face surrounding pregnancy only breed insecurity, shame, guilt, and other negative emotional experiences.

Today, we talk about Pregnancy Loss & Trying to Conceive + Motherhood.  This is such a difficult but important topic that you must hear.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

-Mental and emotional experiences one might face while trying to conceive or while experiencing pregnancy loss.

-What supports are useful for mothers who are experiencing difficulties with trying to conceive or experiencing pregnancy loss.

-Tips and strategies for how you can begin to cope if you are experiencing challenges while trying to conceive or have experienced pregnancy loss.

This episode features Shamika G.,  a hard-working mama of a beautiful 1-year-old girl!  Shamika is open and shares more about her challenges with trying to conceive for three years and the mental/emotional toll this experience produced. Additionally, Dr. Amber speaks about her own experiences of pregnancy loss twice, and what she learned from those experiences.

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Hosted by Dr. Amber Thornton, Clinical Psychologist and Mama Wellness Consultant.

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