Your Voice Matters

Black women’s health outcomes are often discouraging. We face negative health issues that require timely and appropriate information that best serves our needs.

In the face of that adversity, Black women are doing profound and inspiring things that need to be shared. To improve the issues Black women face, BWHM is intentionally focused on our mental, physical, economic, and community health using our websiteFacebookInstagram and Twitter. We talk about our growth and our wins, reveal our setbacks and fears so that we all learn and grow.

We Need to Hear From You
The success of Black women’s health is based on our ability to come together to make meaningful change. We invite you to engage by sharing your stories and posting questions and comments on our website and social media platforms.

Join the Movement
The Black Women’s Health Movement Needs YOU to:

April Observances

  • Black Women’s History Month: a celebration of the contributions that Black women have made.
  • African American Women’s Fitness: a national celebration for Black women and physical fitness.
  • Discussions and/or acknowledgments: Mental Health, Autism, Stress, Sexual Assault, Volunteerism, Financial Literacy, Diversity, Poetry, and more.