The BWHM’s Business is Improving the Health of Black Women

A Note From BWHM Leadership, Renee Mahaffey Harris

Economic health influences our physical health. Therefore, the BWHM would like to support and encourage more African American women as entrepreneurs. However, we need your support and involvement. Black women have played an essential role in the economic preservation of American culture. From the lullabies sung in the Big house for the master’s children, to the first “First Lady” and “Madame Vice President” in the White House, the spirit of Black women is still vibrant and growing. Unfortunately, as we continue to celebrate our successes, the inequitable economic opportunities we face as Black women remain. Historical and cultural issues continue to discourage the success of Black women as business owners, which must be concerning to all of us.

Why the BWHM created the Community Resource Guide to provide a safe space:

  • For people to locate Black-owned businesses, venues, products, and services, 
  • To support and encourage economic growth of Black women-owned businesses and organizations,
  • Where Black women-owned businesses can represent with unity and pride

With your help, the Community Resource Guidebook will create economic growth for African American women, which promotes economic community growth. We need you to participate by adding your business and/or supporting the Resource Guidebook’s business listings. Let your community, family and friends know about the Community Resource Guidebook’s benefits.

Join the Black Women’s Health Movement * Use Our Community Resource Guidebook * Let the Community Know * We Need YOU!